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Esther Community Enterprise is a highly worthwhile third sector organisation, run on an entirely voluntary basis, serving the homeless and other socially excluded people in London and the UK. "Giving Purpose to Surplus" is our mission statement.We aim to meet those who have needs in the local community by redistribution of food and other consumables donated from retailers. ECE makes a worthwhile collective response to the 3 tenets of sustainable development, namely social, economical and environmental needs. 


           Waitrose Partnership with ECE


Volunteers collect food donated by retailers then check the "use and sell by dates". Food unfit for human consumption is not taken, with the remainder distributed to those that are disadvantaged.

Recent Work


Presentation with volunteers at Croydon Town Hall

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ECE will only partner with registered organisations who wish to facilitate a food service in your local community. If your group/project would like to be affiliated to ECE, please press the link below. Volunteers can apply to your nearest ECE outlet.

A Call by Royal Appointment 

We are pleased to announce the book publication of "A Call By Royal Appointment" written by June Ross Founder & CEO - now available for purchase.