A Call by Royal Appointment

A Call by Royal Appointment

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A Call by Royal Appointment is a true and personal story of a dream that transcended into reality—against all odds. The author speaks expressively about her journey, which ultimately led her through the gates of one of the most famous address in the world—Buckingham Palace—to receive an award from the Queen of England. However, her journey was not without its challenges, as she faced some of the most traumatic and heart-breaking experiences of her life. A failed marriage, abusive episodes and concerns for her children are just some of the experiences June had to encounter. The subtle similarities between biblical characters like Joseph and Queen Esther weave a thread of royalty, yet bear the scars of lies, rejection, and betrayal. The fight for her dream will have you mesmerized, as she guides you through her journey of what can only be described as a compelling read!

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